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Cool (coffee table) Book Alert!

One of our sweet house guests sent this gift after staying with us a few months ago.

I had never heard of it before, but, such a thoughtful gift!

Each page has a sketch of someone’s NYC view and a small description.

Annie Leibovitz…Oliver Sacks…Mario Batali…Stephen Colbert— they’ve got some interesting views of (& perspectives on) NYC.

I love this quote from the Afterward “…to think, every view from every window in the city— with its own arrangement of other buildings, rooftops, skyscrapers, water towers, etc.— was the only one in the world! And to think, each of those views might have affected its “owner” the way mine had affected me.”

I suppose this is true of every window in the world, but I do love when I catch a glimpse of the city from a perspective I have never seen before.

Just imagine how many views there are of any city! Someone please do the math on that because I sure am not going to. If you are in the market for fun book—The City Out My Window: 63 Views on New York could be the ticket:)

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