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Would you believe I had never tried fresh figs until a few months ago?

Yes? Okay, but it pains me to think I’ve been missing out on this deliciousness all these years! Fresh figs are sweet, simple to prep, and perfect for a summer dessert. Let me take you through my complex preparation process…

Step 1: Wash fig.

Step 2: Cut rough bits off the bottom and top. 

Step 3: Cut fig in half.

Step 4: Spoon some cool ricotta cheese onto fig.

Step 5: Eat fig. 

You can eat figs with or without the skin— and a scoop of vanilla ice cream works quite well too since the skin has a slightly bitter taste that mingles perfectly with sweetness. Have you spotted something new while grocery shopping recently? J picked these up unexpectedly on a trip to the store and I’m very glad he did.

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