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Art + Red Hook

Last week we had the opportunity to visit our friend Abe’s studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

I really really enjoyed seeing his paintings in person and being able to see the progression of his works from photos, to various sketches and different genres. It was also awesome to hear him explain more about the thought process behind some of his work.

Our community group is so thankful that Abe opened up his studio. 

There’s something beautiful and fascinating about being in a spot where a person goes to work and create.

Of course, being the huge nerd that I am, I also looked the term “studio" up on Wikipedia: "The word studio is derived from the Italianstudio, from Latinstudium, from studere, meaning to study or zeal.” FYI;) 

After getting a chance to see Abe’s art in person we wandered around the neighborhood a bit.

Grabbed a delicious burrito (or two).

And topped it off with some dessert (I can recommend the Pink Poodle - Hibiscus soda? Yum!).

Check out more of Abe’s work right here. A big thank you to Abe for opening up his workspace and answering all of our random questions. What an awesome evening in Brooklyn. Hope you enjoyed this little preview on the work of a local artist!

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