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Seattle Spots

A couple of weekends ago J and I went on a brunch date at a new place in Ballard: Percy’s & Co.

I had peered through the windows before and knew the interior was very pretty! 


Unfortunately, my pictures do not do it justice so you’ll have to check it out yourself. There were bright ferns hanging everywhere and good natural light flowing in through big, beautiful windows. I told J it reminded me a tiny bit of the fancy afternoon tea spot we visited in Argentina. With live music and a vintage vibe it was definitely not afternoon tea but it was a great Sunday brunch.


There were several delicious choices of bloody mary’s which I always appreciate. As you know, I usually lean toward the sweet drinks but I make an exception for an excellent bloody mary.


We both could not resist the bendict and I’m glad. The potatoes themselves were worth it. The only other place I’ve had similar breakfast potatoes is one of our favorite Tribeca spots. If you’re looking for a Sunday brunch I’d definitely recommend this place! I’m looking forward to trying out more of their cocktails, too.

SF Long Weekend


Last weekend I made a sweet trip to the Bay Area and got the chance to visit with wonderful friends- the type you can always pick back up with right where you left off. This was my first solo trip since Owen was born and it was super refreshing- though of course I was ready to be reunited with my guys by the end of the long weekend. I would have loved to have Owen play with his buddies so I hope to bring him along next time:)


We did a bit of a food tour of Oakland and Berkley and even hit up some places further out. Tasty Mexican food (of course), an awesome cafeteria style Indian eatery, pizza at The Cheese Board and a diamond in the rough Greek restaurant. Oh and we managed to fit in a trip to Fenton’s Creamery and Ici in one (very decadent) day- none of which I objected to;) We were also forced to visit all sorts of boutiques with beautiful beads, cute clothes and pretty paper.


This was probably also the best weather I’ve ever caught in the Bay Area- 70s and sunny every day!


I saw these stairs on Pinterest and was determined to find them! They were beautiful and the views were even more gorgeous (though I’m told this area is usually socked in with fog). And I have long been wanting to visit Burma Superstar or B Star and finally got to try the fresh and delicious Burmese fare. 


We also enjoyed some fun window shopping in the Mission (and took some awesome slices of pie to go), a Ferry Building visit and a walk along the piers with some yummy blue bottle coffee (I had the new orlean’s iced coffee- yum!). The best part by far was just walking along and chatting like old times:)


I also got to see a dear friend from our Brooklyn babies group and see her (not so little any more- look at those chopstick skills) baby!:)


A few days in SF is never enough and a few days with good friends goes by WAY too fast! We had a blast and I am grateful to have gotten a chance to see all these beautiful ladies. May it happen again soon!


ps- My talented friend, Andrea, drew this on her chalk wall for my arrival (so special!)- if you want to check out her work head over here

pps- If you’re interested in checking out our last SF trip…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Out and about around Brooklyn:  foggy Christmas Cheer, Post Alley Boutique (360 Atlantic Ave between Bond and Hoyt) selling hello truelove holiday and Christmas cards!, four and twenty blackbirds (amazing lemon honey custard pie), pretty trees, court house.

Owen’s Nursery

I’ve finally managed to snap some photos of Owen’s nursery, er, half of the room:)


I’ve started rotating all the little cute outfits he’s grown out of on the hangers— they’re just too sweet to go into a drawer yet!


We grabbed this Ikea dresser and added a quick changing pad and diaper gear- yay for extra storage!


We were so fortunate to receive a beautiful crib and dresser from a family at our church!


Do you recognize the print above our bed? Used to be in the living room at our old place: Modern World Map - These are Things. I also framed one of my favorite cards on the other wall by the crib: Our Love is here to Stay - Enormous Champion.


One day last year J ordered this adorable TRUELOVE print on a whim. It was such a fun surprise to get in the mail- pretty paper is the way to my heart, friends;):) Owen’s grandparents and cousins got him the little stuffed duck and pup complete with a Braves hat!


We received so many great books from friends and family. And you may recall how obsessed I became with the little penguin pitchers in Argentina- I brought back a large one and a mini one and this just seemed like the perfect spot for the mini. The tray was a lucky find on clearance at Target. Since J and I both grew up playing soccer we couldn’t resist getting Owen a small ball of his own;) The spotted red dog (from Rope Swing Studio on Etsy) was a gift from a friend too! 


And you remember my last pre-baby project: a heart frame


The rocking chair is adorable and surprisingly comfortable. We love having a place to read to and comfort and feed the little guy and it fits perfectly into our small space. A sweet friend knitted the blanket and the whale pillow is from Kate Durkin- I’ve always admired her work and thought it would be perfect for our little one:) I’m glad we have a rug down, too- makes the room that much more cozy. I know a white rug might be trouble in a few months but I couldn’t resist. Thankfully, it was a practical purchase (Ikea again:) and is washable, too!


And here is our sweet and simple side of the room. My idea was to keep things practical and pretty (I love these great and inexpensive nightstands) since lots of baby stuff is always creeping into this side of the room- we wouldn’t have it any other way:) The little lamp on our nightstand is also from Ikea and I keep some pretty fabric from my time in Japan on it just because it makes me smile.



Our mirror and dresser are from CB2, the mirrored tray another target clearance find, the jewelry stands are from urban outfitters a few years ago and all the picture frames and hanger are from Ikea (love those shadow box frames). Our bedding is Ralph Lauren Barrymore (thankful to put all those wedding gift cards to work getting this almost extinct set!).


And here’s a not-so-baby-friendly part of the room. Note to self: this needs to be baby-proofed in a few months…keep an eye out for upcoming baby-proofing posts;) If you have any more questions about any of my baby gear feel free to comment!

Recent Adventures

We’ve been taking advantage of a stroller-friendly baby stage as well as the good weather and heading out on a few adventures before the weather gets cold.

A few weekends ago we took a walk on the Manhattan Bridge. Not only was it a lovely day but it was cool to see the Brooklyn Bridge and my favorite park from a different perspective.

We also took the East River Ferry to Williamsburg. Anyone else get the urge to sing SNL’s digital short On a Boat every time you set out on water? Just me? So catchy that one…

The ferry was quite refreshing. Our route took us from DUMBO under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and dropped us off just before the Williamsburg bridge. Riding subways all the time makes me forget the geography of the city! I loved seeing all the bridges and the skyline from the water. 

Our first stop in Williamsburg was Dram, where I had this yummy concoction- definitely in the bramble family.

Then we headed over to Pies N’ Thighs for some tasty southern food. We had heard about this place for a while but never gone since (without the ferry) the location always seemed just out of reach. My friend and I shared mac ‘n cheese (mine doused in their delicious hot sauce), cheese grits, hush puppies and a biscuit as well as a chicken sandwich. Then the S’mores Pie- toasted marshmallow topping + chocolate - need I say more? No time for food photos between bites:)

Not bad- view from the ferry stop.

And we finally got to check out Atlantic Antic this Sunday! It was packed! Fun to see local vendors out and lots of different faces of Brooklyn in one place.

Have you been enjoying any fall adventures? I wanted to go apple picking this season but I just don’t know if it is in the cards…

Big Shot: Owen Week 2 - Month 2

End of Summer Fun

We’ve been cramming in some end of summer fun these past few weeks!

A rooftop dinner.

Made some yummy cinnamon honey Crème brûlée for friends.

Finally visited Eataly (the awesome rooftop rooftop beer garden to be exact)!

And joined in some fun free neighborhood stuff like this etsy meet up and a Brooklyn Historical Society event.

We had a great trip to Maine this weekend - pictures to come later this week. Hope you’ve been enjoying these last bits of summer, too!

NYC Visitor Files

Each time we have a guest I post a few of the spots we visited. If you do not live in New York, consider some of these places in your next visit— though they may be off the beaten tourist path. If you do live in NYC, I hope you discover a new corner of the city or see one you already enjoy!

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Jane’s Carousel

We also made this peach custard pie (thanks for the idea, Heather!). We modified the recipe and used real peaches, half brown sugar, half white, and this pie crust). 

A Portable View

You may remember that I loved this coffee table book we received from one of J’s friends. Well, before we moved, J took some photos of the view from our old place so that we could always remember our first apartment. After seeing several friends do cool stuff with photo-to-canvas I bought this living social deal.  J created an HDR image and we ordered our favorite in black and white.

We haven’t found a permanent spot for it yet but I can say I love the result!

Ah the memories! And now we’ll have our old view with us wherever we move:)

A Sweet Birthday Weekend + Cookie Party

This past weekend marked the big 3-0 for me.

My best gift of course was this little guy (and the fact that he slept 9 hours the night before our celebration— woohoo!).

J got me some stunning birthday dalias

as well as some Srikaya (a la my post a few weeks ago) — so thoughtful:)

We celebrated on Saturday with a quick meetup and cookie party at the park!

The idea struck me as I took a look at my Yum board on pinterest— where I’ve probably been pinning more sweets than any person should ever make. But, I thought, what if I were able to just sample all of these? Add summer and the need for easily transportable, non-melting (ish) baked goods and the cookie party idea was born. It would not have happened without the sweet friends who volunteered to help bake up all these batches of goodness!

We baked:

My Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe in the comments section:)

Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookies

Chai Snickerdoodles

Caramel Stuffed Sugar Cookies

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Brown Sugar Sugar Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (Don’t have the recipe YET)

I know cookie exchanges are common in winter but this party in the park was so much fun! Would you consider a summer cookie party?:)

{All cookie photos from respective blogs— I was too busy celebrating and tasting to take the photos these cookies deserved!}

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