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Its a Valentine Time of Year!

Valentine’s Day absolutely isn’t just for couples- everybody needs some extra love this time of year! As I’ve always said, this is a great time of year to let all sorts of people in your life know that you love them.


This weekend I sent out my first printable Valentine order and it makes me so happy to know that someone can just print these cards up- easy as pie!


Head on over to hello truelove paper goods on Etsy to check out more Valentine’s fun- maybe you’ll find the perfect card for someone you love!


Stamp Love

A while back I came accross a delightful surprise at the post office automated mailing machine. As someone who gets excited about stationery (exhibit a) you can imagine my joy when I was able to choose the graphic on my stamps:


Perfect for Hello Truelove Paper Goods, no?

Any valentines I mail out will most certainly be adorned with these cute little stamps!

Last week, I introduced printable valentines into the shop. But I’m still selling the regular valentines:

You’re My Cup of Tea


Bike Valentine: I Like to Roll With You


Lace Heart Valentine


Mini Valentines


Houndstooth Heart Valentine


There’s more in the shop… take a peek!

I Heart Maps

This was one of my last on the ‘to do’ list for Owen’s nursery (aka corner of our room:)

I made some cards using this same method last year and they turned out great. You really can’t go wrong with maps and hearts…

Of course, I had seen many of these on pinterest and loved the idea right from the start…I just needed an excuse to make one: enter baby. Okay, maybe that’s a bit backward…

I got this frame from Ikea (oh how I love shadowbox frames!) and my mom and J’s parents had already sent me some awesome AAA maps. Then I gathered a few other supplies: glue dots (to make the hearts stand out), 

some spare red paper, tape, a paper cutter, and my trusty heart punch (as exhibited here and here - tell me it wasn’t a good investment!).

Then I just stuck the hearts on. 

Here’s the finished product in Owen’s nursery.

Clearly this was taken before baby arrived as now the nursery is strewn with blankets, burpies and onesies…

But the hearts still look great and in a few months I’ll get those blankies off the floor:)

Mother’s Day Fun

I really wanted to do something special for my mom this mother’s day (besides providing a grandchild, ahem;). I wish I could be with her right now but since I can’t and I may be preoccupied with labor right around the big day I thought I’d send her a card that will give her a little bit of love each day.

First, I used my trusty heart punch (as demonstrated in this project) to punch out shapes in some red construction paper. 

I used double-sided tape to attach white paper behind the hearts. Then, I wrote a little message under each of the hearts so she can open one each day.

Finally, I used washi tape to secure the hearts back in place. I have had a love affair with washi tape since I lived in Japan— my only regret is not buying more of it at the 100 yen store;) Washi tape is basically paper masking tape and can be peeled off and re-attached quite easily. 

She has already gotten the package so I thought I’d post it here in case it sparks some mother’s day inspiration for you!

Love Notes

Share the love with this LOVE NOTES CARD SET!

Want to share the love? These Mini Valentines (8 in a set) are the perfect way to spread Valentine cheer to everyone close to your heart.

{Each card is 5 x 3.5 with a matching A1 white envelope}

Head on over to Hello Truelove Paper Goods on etsy for more details on this cute card set!

Personalized Valentines

Hello! Today I’m excited to share a fun twist to some hello truelove favorites: Customized Valentines! When you make a purchase on etsy, you can let me know which pattern you’d like and what you’d like written on the front of the card.

Choose from lace,



or fishnet! And of course, some choice words for your sweetheart;)

For more details, check out the hello truelove etsy shop!

Also, take a look at this awesome houndstooth treasury that happens to feature my houndstooth heart card (thanks CreaShines)! Click on the widget to visit the etsy page:)

Sneak Peak: Valentine’s Cards

I thought I’d give you a quick sneak peak of some upcoming Valentine’s Day Cards from hello truelove paper goods! Have any favorites?

I should be posting the real deal on etsy later this week so keep an eye out!:)

Mother’s Day Cards!

I couldn’t resist creating some Mother’s Day cards this week. The Lemon Yellow Polka Dot Heart makes me think of my mom!

Do you have any special Mother’s Day traditions?

I am not going to be able to pull off breakfast in bed this year but I remember many years of my mom (probably having already gotten up and showered) sliding back into bed and acting surprised as all four of us kids snuck loudly up the stairs trying not to drop the orange juice and coffee on the carpet (not a good mothers day gift, we learned).

Mary enjoyed her traditional apple fritters, cards and gifts— but I know it was the thoughtful effort that mattered most. My mom has always been my #1 fan and I am so thankful for all the love she has given me. She’s beautiful inside and out. Plus, lets face it, any parent who put up with me in middle school deserves commendation.

Hope you’re planning on sending some love to your mom in a few weeks…Here’s a few options:

Love You Mom – Rose Pink Lace Heart

Love You Mom – Rose Pink Polka Dot Heart

Happy Mother’s Day! - Lemon Yellow Lace Heart

Check out the hello truelove paper goods shop to see if there’s a card perfect for her!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy V-Day lovely readers!

I hope you’re letting those in your life know that you love them and that you keep on doing so all year round!

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