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A Portable View

You may remember that I loved this coffee table book we received from one of J’s friends. Well, before we moved, J took some photos of the view from our old place so that we could always remember our first apartment. After seeing several friends do cool stuff with photo-to-canvas I bought this living social deal.  J created an HDR image and we ordered our favorite in black and white.

We haven’t found a permanent spot for it yet but I can say I love the result!

Ah the memories! And now we’ll have our old view with us wherever we move:)

Independence Day!

Happy July 4th to all those celebrating!! Sparklers are my absolute favorite but I’ll just have to forgo them this year.

We’re having a few friends over and then will head to the Brooklyn Promenade for fireworks. 

J is going to make these chicken wings and I’m going to check out a few new deviled egg recipes (here and here). If there’s time I’ll whip up another quick cobbler like the one I made for Father’s Day.

Hope you’re having a great summer so far!

{Photo from pbs.org}

Waiting for (Baby) Truelove

We’ve been waiting for baby here in the Truelove home. This has also involved eating lots of spicy food.

Some fun dates at favorite spots around the city.

Long walks in the neighborhood and beyond (which meant more flower photos)

…plus a good amount of chocolate and lots of prayer that he’ll come soon! Thankfully both baby and I are still healthy and I can feel him squirming around as usual- just as comfortable as can be apparently;)

Rug Life

I have somehow escaped buying rugs my entire time in NYC. Growing up in California carpet was the norm so I have always managed to decorate without them. It has always just seemed like an additional cost and, if the floors look nice, why cover them up? Below is a photo of the living room in our last apartment:

We have slowly been putting together our new place after moving in February. Chaotic  post move photos here. As you know, step number one was painting the bedroom. A close second was searching for a few rugs since this building is older and requires 80% of the floor to be covered. Sure sure, rugs add warmth and texture. They just seem so expensive and prone to stains- especially since I’m drawn to light colored varieties. Naturally, my first step was to create a "Rugs" board on Pinterest

This one seemed like a good option but there was something I didn’t love about it…

I absolutely love this rug but could only find it in blue at the time which really doesn’t go with our current furniture.

I actually really like this ikea rug but the texture didn’t seem to fit with our other furniture, much less a future crawling baby truelove.

Of course, I love Madeline Weinrib rugs but they are quite out of our budget.

J didn’t like the below- too frilly:

I really wanted to keep things on the light side since the living room walls are painted a khaki color and we aren’t going to be able to paint them. And size was a factor too- we needed more than a cute 5x8 or a runner in this space.

Then, I was thrilled to find this one!

What do you think? 

I found that the rugs on overstock.com were consistently cheaper (and sometimes exactly the same) as on other sites I checked so we snapped this one up on sale (no sponsorship, just lots of searching;).

We’re still getting settled and what you don’t see in this photo is all the baby gear and boxes pushed to the side. But I am really excited that the living room has pretty much come together thanks to this and our little Ikea quick fix. I like comparing our new setup to the old. As we figure out the rest of the apartment I’ll share more about how we switched things up in the new place (while adding a baby space of course).

ps- I also spotted a fun rug round-up on Decor8 today!

Spring in New York

There is no better time. For the past few weeks everything has been in bloom and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Since my mom can’t visit to enjoy all the pretty flowers in May I’ve been snapping some shots for her throughout the city.

When I walk around the city in Spring I feel like someone has given me a beautiful flower arrangement each day. I love turning the corner and seeing a new spot in bloom. Thank God for the little blessings!

Weekend Update

I am pleased to report that we were able to accomplish many of our goals this weekend! The sweetest of which was a trip to Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint.

I knew the donuts would be good in the most classic, glazed and greasy sort of way. I was, however, unprepared for how adorable the shop itself was! From the mint green paint to the bar stools to the yellow rotary phone…

Featured: Bavarian Cream, Strawberry Jelly with Powdered Sugar, and a French Crueler. Sadly, they were out of all red velvet flavors…ah, next time.

Coffee was necessary to cut the sugar!

We also visited Mini Jake in Williamsburg. They were all sold out of the crib we wanted but we did spot an awesome stroller and lots of fun bedding, toys, and ideas! Still figuring out how to arrange our bedroom/nursery but I’ll share ideas and inspiration as we go…

"Before" Photos

I snapped some quick photos of the new apartment as we were getting unpacked last week and this weekend. As you can see we’re not there yet but have definitely gotten a lot of boxes out of the way.

A big thank you to so many of our friends who stopped by, brought food and helped us unpack, re-construct, find stuff, etc.

We really love the new place and are so thankful and excited. Every time it shocks me though: moving is exhausting! Turns out it is especially exhausting when you’re pregnant (who would’ve thought?;)!

Three things have struck me this week as we unpacked, one: moving is like your birthday because you are opening all these little packages and rediscovering things (especially when they’ve been packed away for a bit). I also like that moving forces you to go through your stuff, figure out what you really want/need and get rid of the rest.

Lastly, you get a new lease on all your things and get to arrange/see them in a new light. As you know, I love decorating and creating a comfortable and pretty space to live and entertain.

Moving has reminded me that there are so many different ways to do this. Sure, we might have to get a new shelf or donate an old dresser but we get to arrange our same old stuff in a new, fun way!

Care to join me in my journey of re-decorating and re-organizing this new place? This week I’ve been picking up (from the comfort of the couch) some online resources to get started: different ways to rearrange a room, options for photo frame collages… I might like to try new things but I won’t be going this far. I look forward to sharing decorating challenges and adventures from our little Brooklyn apartment!

We’ve still got to eat so I can guarantee the foodie posts will continue too…

Brunch Crawl

We decided to do a little brunch crawl to a few favorite spots this weekend.

{Breakfast Sandwich at Murray’s Cheese} (Remember this awesome wedding gift!?)

{Coffee at Joe}

On our walk uptown, we wandered by this fun art space in the front of the Flatiron Building.

And then we passed by this building (the arches reminded me of The Mezquita in Spain). Finally, as our little brunch dessert:

{Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich at The Breslin}

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year! Thanks to YOU, all my lovely readers for sharing 2011 with me!

Do you have any New Year traditions? I love to pray, journal and reflect on New Year’s Day and I love to start the year with thank you notes to those people who gave me gifts over the holidays or a thoughtful letter to someone I haven’t kept in touch with for a while.

{Starburst Pink Thank You Notes in this and other patterns right here}

I hope you are having a restful and relaxing New Years Day and I look forward to 2012 with you!

A Tiny Christmas Date

With all the apartment hunting and packing that J and I have been up to we haven’t had much time to enjoy all the seasonal decorations and winter fun in NYC. So last night we met up for a tiny Christmas date at Bouchon Bakery where we could view the Rockefeller Center tree from a safe (read: crowd free) distance.

Pictured: T.K.O (Thomas Keller Oreo) cookie. Not pictured: The amazing Nutter Butter Cookie we had already started grubbing on.

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