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I Heart Maps

This was one of my last on the ‘to do’ list for Owen’s nursery (aka corner of our room:)

I made some cards using this same method last year and they turned out great. You really can’t go wrong with maps and hearts…

Of course, I had seen many of these on pinterest and loved the idea right from the start…I just needed an excuse to make one: enter baby. Okay, maybe that’s a bit backward…

I got this frame from Ikea (oh how I love shadowbox frames!) and my mom and J’s parents had already sent me some awesome AAA maps. Then I gathered a few other supplies: glue dots (to make the hearts stand out), 

some spare red paper, tape, a paper cutter, and my trusty heart punch (as exhibited here and here - tell me it wasn’t a good investment!).

Then I just stuck the hearts on. 

Here’s the finished product in Owen’s nursery.

Clearly this was taken before baby arrived as now the nursery is strewn with blankets, burpies and onesies…

But the hearts still look great and in a few months I’ll get those blankies off the floor:)

Ribbon Corral

I’ve been in a bit of an organization rut recently. Something about being in the same apartment for almost two years (gasp— my longest apartment stay in NYC). 

When I pop something away just in time for something else to overflow (I like to consider myself an organized pack rat…) I know its time to tackle a tiny project that improves something, anything that has been nagging at me for a while. 

Enter: ribbons + stray wire hanger

I have a thing for ribbon and tend to pick up a tiny dollar roll here or there but don’t use them for much of anything (what’s that? no I will not stop or give them away). Ribbon project anyone? 

So I did a little something with my buckets o’ ribbon in hopes that I’d use them or at least see and enjoy them more often. 

I got the idea from my new best friend Pinterest  and via a pretty fellow tumblr.

Very satisfying little project— and easy on the eyes as well.

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