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A Yummy Discovery

This past weekend we managed to mak e a visit to Shopsin’s in the Essex Street Market. It was awesome and delicious. Extra fun: we got to sit at the counter and when Mr. Shopsin saw Owen it started quite the conversation (in a good way) that lasted our entire meal. Though I didn’t know this beforehand, he’s known to be a bit temperamental but he was very sweet and excited about our little guy.

It was incredibly difficult to decide what to order…check out the menu (and don’t try to modify anything)! In the end, I went with the Maylay Slutty Cakes (pandan custard, butterscotch, cream cheese) and it was a delightful choice. 

Apparently there is such a thing as Maylasian coconut jam and it is amazing. The kind he used was of this variety. Now I admit the green color threw me at first. But once I had my first bite of goodness I was in love.

{Photo from Amazon}

When we got home I spent an undocumented amount of time looking up Srikaya online. Wouldn’t this make a cute gift? Or, did you know Srikaya bread pudding is a possability? And all these years I never knew the stuff existed. I can’t believe I missed it during my travels in Malaysia. Just thought I’d share a fun Sunday discovery- thanks Shopsins!

More on the history of Shopsin’s here.

Travel photos of Malaysia here and here.

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